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Search bumper rear import data of Turkey based on bill of lading database and other shipment details by customs. Our Turkey import statistics of bumper rear includes hs code, product, port, importers name, value, qty etc.


DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet Weight [Kg]Total Value [usd]Importer Name Exporter Name

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17/Feb/2020870810909000 Carpma suspender, support, covering, bumper, bumper parts, bumper covering, bumper rear, bumper base holder Germany 113 Units 112.53 5108.58 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Front bumper, front bumper mounting guide right, bracket, bumper bracket, front travers, bumper grill mold, bumper grill, rear bumper, front bumper spoilers Germany 165 Units 138.04 6451.74 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper mounting foot, front bumper inner rear, front bumper lower kit, front bumper grill cover, front bumper tap iron cover, front bumper connection foot, rear bumper binding foot, bumper bumper, bumper damper, bumper bumper bottom nickel, front bum France 232 Units 126.6 4152.15 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper, bumper support, front bumper France 35 Units 126.59 3333.15 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Cover, housing cover, front bumper flap, ornamental mold, bumper, bumper parts, bumper cover, bumper cover, bumper cover, bumper reinter, basic rear, detection element Germany 47 Units 55.62 3933.91 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870829909011 Rear frame bar, baggage pool, step cover, mudguard hood, cover, door, baggage pool assembly kit, bumper shutter Thailand 28 Units 202.11 2453.47 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper, bumper protector, front bumper France 21 Units 75.69 1899.4 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Bumper support bar, front bumper, bumper support, bumper rear, rear bumper France 32 Units 108.6 2649.34 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Front bumper, bumper bracket, wheel spoilers, rear bumper, filler foam, bumper damper Germany 36 Units 136.13 2484.42 **** ****
18/Feb/2020870810909000 Bracket, end sheet, d-pole cover left, front bumper grid, front bumper, rear bumper, cover, bumper bracket, bumper inner bracket, rear bumper rear, bumper guide, bracket Germany 119 Units 214.9 7051.33 **** ****