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Search bumper grille import data of Turkey based on bill of lading database and other shipment details by customs. Our Turkey import statistics of bumper grille includes hs code, product, port, importers name, value, qty etc.


DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet Weight [Kg]Total Value [usd]Importer Name Exporter Name

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19/Feb/2020392690979018 Side pedal * grille * car decoration * front and rear bumper * side step (rear bumper attachment * spoiler * front lip * mirror cover * bucket * body kit * pedal * shutter * plastic furniture * front-rear protection * side step * rear bumper ) China 7044 Units 15549 106960.98 **** ****
20/Feb/2020870810909000 Front bumper, rear bumper, rear bumper lower plastic c4, bumper lower grill c2, front bumper lower spoyler c3i, front bumper kose reflectorc, rear bumper absorber c5 x7, rear bumper side bagl.tk.c, on bumper griller c4 ii, on bumper grill ds4, front bumpe France 82 Units 92.79 2605.04 **** ****
20/Feb/2020870810909000 Support rear, front bumper, bumper reinforcement, bumper, front, bumper, front, headlight wash, white, front bumper reinforcement, bumper front, front bumper, bumper, front, bumper holder, front bumper middle grill, grill, grille , front bumper, lower, la Japan 30 Units 64.99 3459.03 **** ****
21/Feb/2020870829909011 Linner fender, grille, bumper bracket, bumber support, mud guard, water pot, fender, handle, rain cover // mudguard, grill, bumper bracket, fender, water pota, rain cover China 3862 Units 2078 8253.72 **** ****
24/Feb/2020870810909000 Bumper grill, rear bumper, bumper reinforcement, front bumper, bumper cover, front bumper molding right, rear bumper spoilers, filler foam, left front fog headlight grid, bumper rear bottom bolt, rear bumper bumper, rear bumper grille Germany 104 Units 285.09 7228.0 **** ****
24/Feb/2020870810909000 Front bumper baglastic, front bumper nickel, bumper mounting foot, front bumper grill, rear bumper, front bumper middle nickel, rear bumper corner nicelage, rear bumper middle nickel, rear bottom grid bumper, front bumper grille Spain 56 Units 54.21 1916.95 **** ****
03/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper cita ortac5 x, on bumper c4 pc2, on bumper cita set size, front bumper grille crom, front bumper lower grill c4ca, front bumper connection setc4, rear bumper skirt plasticc, rear bumper skirt plasticc, bumper cavus rear bumper pc bumper ic rea Spain 51 Units 72.05 1495.61 **** ****
27/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper cita cromds4, rear bumper bagl.plastikd, front bumper arma nikelajc5, front bumper kose plastiksag, front bumper kose plastikc4, front bumper ust grillerabr3, front bumper side baglantipla, rear bumper, background. rear bumper bagl.plast France 184 Units 122.17 2896.74 **** ****
14/Feb/2020870810909000 Front bumper c4 pc, front bumper grill bottom ustc, rear bumper bagl.plas.c3, rear bumper bagl.plastikd, front bumper bagl.ayakc3 iii, rear bumper lower plastikc5, rear bumper lower plastikc5, rear bumper lower grille4 pc bumper side bagl.tk.c, front bump France 124 Units 103.52 3301.05 **** ****
14/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper impact emiciso, front bumper grille crom, front bumper bottom bottom c4cac, front bumper protection sagsiyah, rear bumper connector setc, rear bumper connection setc, rear bumper connection rear c4c, front bumper bumper rear c4c, front bumper, Spain 54 Units 69.62 1151.38 **** ****