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Search bottom cover import data of Turkey based on bill of lading database and other shipment details by customs. Our Turkey import statistics of bottom cover includes hs code, product, port, importers name, value, qty etc.

DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet Weight [Kg]Total Value [usd]Importer Name Exporter Name

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17/Feb/2020870899979919 Hanger, rear cap, bracket, bracket, bracket, radiator support, eccentric chain ‚Äč‚Äčtensioner, parking brake wire, fuel tank cable, waterboard cover, bottom arm cover, cover login gov Japan 59 Units 65.46 1508.82 **** ****
17/Feb/2020392690979018 Bottom cover Germany 83200 Units 1039.88 6673.36 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870829909011 Bottom cover, fender hood, fender Mexico 44 Units 78.02 2153.07 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870829909019 Cover, heat insulation sheet, mudguard, cover, middle grill, grill, grip, air duct, air cap, insulation, luggage pool, ventilation duct, air duct bottom, fender cover, rear cover engine housing Germany 429 Units 166.41 10012.62 **** ****
17/Feb/2020940190800011 Auto seat side and bottom covers (cut-off and shaped, ready to assembly) Germany 155 Units 66 7768.99 **** ****
17/Feb/2020392690979018 Bottom cover Romania 28800 Units 200.52 1783.97 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870829909011 Filler foam, bumper latch, air duct, mudguard, fender hood, plate bottom, front panel, stop lamp sheet, sound insulation, glass frame, covering, cover, right front fender, sleeve cover, front fender cover, front k Germany 185 Units 376.64 11877.38 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870810909000 Rear bumper mounting foot, front bumper inner rear, front bumper lower kit, front bumper grill cover, front bumper tap iron cover, front bumper connection foot, rear bumper binding foot, bumper bumper, bumper damper, bumper bumper bottom nickel, front bum France 232 Units 126.6 4152.15 **** ****
17/Feb/2020392690979018 Bottom cover France 12648 Units 590.11 2692.88 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870850990000 Rear hub rl (lr 045917-lr 021939) -d.3-4, front hub (lr 048083) (lr 076692) -d.3-4, axle bellow kit front rl, front hub left (carrier), bottom rear ( lr 041425) (mikn) (2a 01'it) .1-2, axle milled cover front-rear (lr 023978), axle milled cover rear (8a 1 China 378 Units 253.62 3626.23 **** ****