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Search bottom carrier import data of Turkey based on bill of lading database and other shipment details by customs. Our Turkey import statistics of bottom carrier includes hs code, product, port, importers name, value, qty etc.

DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet Weight [Kg]Total Value [usd]Importer Name Exporter Name

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17/Feb/2020870850990000 Rear hub rl (lr 045917-lr 021939) -d.3-4, front hub (lr 048083) (lr 076692) -d.3-4, axle bellow kit front rl, front hub left (carrier), bottom rear ( lr 041425) (mikn) (2a 01'it) .1-2, axle milled cover front-rear (lr 023978), axle milled cover rear (8a 1 China 378 Units 253.62 3626.23 **** ****
19/Feb/2020870899979919 Axle pin cover, cover, sump bottom housing, protection sheet, joint, housing cover, carrier, wheel carrier, holder, holder / samandira, insulation material Germany 46 Units 24.45 2104.53 **** ****
19/Feb/2020870829909011 Actuator, lower bottom, mirror housing, pipe installation, length carrier coating, cita, latch, hood, hood cover, hood housing cover, legger hood, support, enineer carrier, layer Germany 184 Units 166.91 8532.38 **** ****
21/Feb/2020871410900019 Motorcycle parts (front-rear mudguard, fuel tank, step bar, rear carrier bracket, bottom plate, eccentric chain ‚Äč‚Äčtensioner, fan cover) China 10366 Units 2786.67 5893.51 **** ****
03/Feb/2020843149800000 Fuel tank cover, dozer pallet carrier tension roller guide, buldozer pallet tension reel connection mechanism protection sheet, dozer pallet roller pallet bottom bottom cover, hydraulic tank bottom cover, hydraulic tank filler gasket Japan 32 Units 101.14 4049.24 **** ****
06/Feb/2020870829909011 Door mold, mudguard cover, foil, carrier bar, cover, fender hood, air duct, bottom housing, support bracket, front bumper foam, filler foam, front spoiler, bracket, bumper, cover iron cover, mirror cover Germany 33 Units 119.85 3563.0 **** ****
10/Feb/2020870829909011 A post covering, bottom, mudguard, lid, cover, coating sheet, body parts, rail, carrier, carrier Germany 30 Units 38.05 1630.09 **** ****
28/Feb/2020870829909011 Side mirror mechanism, door band, bottom base cover, battery protection cover, bracket, cover, hinge cover, door tapping mold, rear exhaust outlet cover, bumper band, foot support, bottom protection, panel, front shutter, mirror cover, lock carrier Germany 375 Units 190.61 7177.1 **** ****
28/Feb/2020870810909000 Grill, closed-left, grill, closed-right, grill, bumper-front, carrier, bumper-front, grill air inlet middle, carrier, bumper, front upper, part, air inlet middle, carrier, bumper, front bottom, grill , center bottom, coat, left, coat, right, grill, left, Germany 205 Units 404.72 9823.38 **** ****
11/Feb/2020870829909011 Fender hood, bracket, bulb carrier, foil, door handle bracket, speaker cover, tank cover, sliding roller, door stretch, temperature sensor bracket, headlamp bottom cover, sensor bracket, handle, sensor bracket, handle bracket, sa Germany 251 Units 608.19 17177.78 **** ****