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Search body coat import data of Turkey based on bill of lading database and other shipment details by customs. Our Turkey import statistics of body coat includes hs code, product, port, importers name, value, qty etc.

DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet Weight [Kg]Total Value [usd]Importer Name Exporter Name

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17/Feb/2020870829909011 , coating, body parts, water deflector, ornament latch Germany 45 Units 56.85 3669.14 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870829909011 A-bolt cover, main bearing, maintenance cover, hood, support, support element, absorbent, air inlet segment, cover, coating, coating plate, body parts, lock, rib, roof, console cover Germany 310 Units 134.05 12246.46 **** ****
17/Feb/2020870829909011 Reflector, mirror housing, hood, hood, hood, coating, coating sheet, body holder, cat eye, break, console, housing cover, plate frame, single bracket Germany 242 Units 118.17 7592.75 **** ****
18/Feb/2020870829909011 Main carrier, intermediate wall left, rear middle part, pipe, bracket, cerceve, cita, housing mirror, guneslik, door, coating, body parts, arm lower cover, jacket housing, glass cover, cover, reinforcement cover part of it Germany 41 Units 30.43 2924.86 **** ****
18/Feb/2020870829909019 Trim coating body parts United Kingdom 333 Units 801.28 5559.15 **** ****
18/Feb/2020870829909011 Rear center, hood cover, air delivery lamel, grill, cover, coating, body parts, body parts, forces, radiator front shutter, wheel housing cover Germany 47 Units 15.54 1353.15 **** ****
18/Feb/2020870829909011 Mudguard, mudguard front, frame, hood, hood cover, insulation, coating, coating sheet, body parts, protection screen, front fender, carrier Germany 57 Units 62.48 6941.13 **** ****
18/Feb/2020870829909011 Hood cover, support, coating, body parts, radiator grill, reinforcement part, carrier, detection element Germany 24 Units 22.62 1243.94 **** ****
18/Feb/2020570320980000 Car body parts baggage coating France 800 Units 233 4206.58 **** ****
19/Feb/2020870829909011 Mirror housing, mirror body housing cover, cita, mudguard, support, support element, coating, coating sheet, body parts, body carrier parts, body holder part, crystal holder Germany 275 Units 40.25 6879.09 **** ****