Tea Products Export Data of Turkey | Turkish Exporter of Tea Products

Access tea products export data of Turkey based on invoices and shipping bills by customs. Find Turkey customs data of tea products exports contains value, quantity, hs code, port, country and tea products exporters in Turkey

DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionDestination CountryQuantityUnitNet weight [Kg]Total value [usd]Importer Name Exporter Name

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21/Feb/2020611120900000 Tlm, baby knit overalls u.k0l, tlm, baby knit overalls k.k0l, bottom, pack newborn bottoms, bcc, key orme body citcit k.kol, gpj, baby pajama pants, yg, basic newborn products, tkm, basic newborn team, bcc, pack newborn Israel 1195 Units 135.12 3554.08 **** ****
24/Feb/2020610910000000 Uk.tsh, cl basic orme t-shirt u.kol, icf, igym orme undershirt u.kol, uk.bdy, basic orme body u.kol, kk.bdy, basic orme body k.kol, tkm, basic knitwear -ck, tkm, key orme team-license, yg, basic newborn products, bcc, key orme body citcit k.kol, uk.bdy, Georgia 4622 Units 767.75 17189.65 **** ****
26/Feb/2020610910000000 Gpj, key orme pajama k.kol, bcc, key orme body citcit k.kol, kk.bdy, key orme body k.kol-license, tkm, key orme team-license, yg, basic newborn products, bcc, pack newborn body k.kol, tkm, key orme takim-ck, uk.bdy Egypt 22923 Units 2190.64 74573.75 **** ****
28/Feb/2020382311000000 Stearic acid - for laundry irn (raw material for personal care products) Iran 1000 Kilogram 1000 2310.76 **** ****
03/Feb/2020611120900000 Bottom, pack yenidogan bottom, yg, basic yenidogan products, tkm, key yenidogan dress set, bcc, basic orme body kitit kkol, pnt, key yenidogan alt, bcc, pack yenidogan body u.kol, bcc, key yenidogan body u. , tkm, key yenidogan team, yg, key yenidogan Bulgaria 1318 Units 127.16 3538.34 **** ****
03/Feb/2020940350000019 Salerno montana bedstead, komidin, sifonier, wardrobe, ranza, kepi lisbon komidin, wardrobe, bedstead, gri sonoma gardrop, rustic gardrop, bedstead (our products consist of 312 704 captains. Belgium 312 Units 18585.74 18604.24 **** ****
05/Feb/2020620311000000 Team dress 100% wool - size 48 15 pieces 40% cotton 60% wool - size 48 size 48 zingal riche male, turkish material description: suit description of suits textile products: 98% wool size 2% likra brand name: marco zanetti size in the Russia 73 Units 217.24 3792.07 **** ****
06/Feb/2020611120900000 Bcc, key orme body citcit k.kol, bcc, key yenidogan body k.kol, bcc, key orme body citcit u. sleeve, tlm, baby knitted overalls k.k0l, hug, basic newogan products, bcc, pack yenidogan body kol. arm, tkm, key yenidogan team Egypt 1150 Units 115.34 3210.28 **** ****